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Here we go again! I'm not a native, but I have been a property owner in Summerland since 1968. As with the Penticton Airport, when the federal government "expropriated" that land for the construction of an airport, it "expropriated" the land along the CPR right of way many years ago for the specific use of building a railway along its corridor. Now "whitey" wants to use the right of way for his own use. I have been a member of the Trans-Canda Trail since its beginning here in BC and have contributed larger than average sums of money towards the trail, and have an oversize plaque in the Penticton plaza to prove it. Just what do you think the PIB is going to do with the right-of-way? Build houses along it? I'd be more worried that Penticton land developers would be more apt to do that than the PIB. I wholeheartedly approve of giving it back to the PIB who are the rightful owners of the land.

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