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I have received a few complaints (see the example below) about rats and have asked RDOS staff to look into an RDOS-operated rat control service for the greater West Bench.  No other part of the RDOS has a rat control service; however, the problem here seems to be growing.  A centralized and coordinated approach may be the only way to get on top of this problem before it gets out of hand.  We are currently checking with Penticton to determine whether their rat control efforts have been worth the cost. Please stand-by for updates on this.

A comment from a resident:

Our neighbourhood is currently having a problem with rats. We have trapped, counting now at 21,next door 10,across the street, they have a infestation in their garage,other neighbour have them getting into their vehicles engine & they had an exterminator 2yrs ago because of so many.We think something should be done up here on the West Bench to control these rodents. How many people don\'t realize the problem? Rats can multiply at a very high rate.

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