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Rodents and other vermin

Area F currently has no rodent control service. Accordingly, it is the responsiblity of each home owner to control his/her own mice, rats, marmots, and so on. The City of Penticton provides a useful guide to rodent control.

Of course, we can certainly establish a rodent control service area if there is sufficient demand (or if ordered to do so by the Medical Health Officer, which seems unlikely). Establishment of a new service requires a referendum to determine that this is something people are willing to pay for. Referenda for such relatively small issues are typically held during the normal local government election cycle to keep costs down. Please let me know if this is something that we should be exploring.


Update 08 July 2010: The RDOS will launch a pilot rat control service soon.  Please stand by for details.

Update 09 July 2010: The program is up and running.  Please see here.



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