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West Bench Veterans Tribute Project

West Bench Veterans Tribute Project
Public Open House — Monday, December 14th at 7:00 PM
West Bench School library

Please attend and bring your ideas!

The West Bench was created more than fifty years ago under the Veterans’ Land Act (VLA) to provide housing and a source of agricultural income for local veterans.  For some time West Bench residents have been discussing the idea of a tribute to the vets and their successful VLA project.  The Area F Parks Commission—a group of volunteers from your community—has agreed that it is time to move this idea forward.  Some of the preliminary ideas for a tribute include a display or monument in Selby Park (2224 West Bench Drive), perhaps with historical elements about the war, the Veterans’ Land Act, and the early days on the West Bench.  A companion book consisting of vignettes and photos from veterans and early residents has also been suggested.

We are still at the early stage of deciding what an appropriate tribute might be and how we might make it a reality.  Please join the RDOS Area F Parks Commission on December 14th to share your thoughts and ideas about this exciting project.  And please pass the word to anyone, especially former West Bench residents, who might have photos, stories, knowledge, or otherwise have an interest in this tribute.




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