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Thanks for your comments.  This is precisely the kind of feedback we are looking for as we move towards a decision in the fall of 2011.

As for the impounding solution, it is something that has come up in the 2010 Residents' Survey as being favored.  I have asked RDOS staff to look into the costs so that we can flesh out a proposal.

Impounding is permitted in BC (see the main article above for additional background) and has been used in the past on the West Bench.  Two problems arise: (a) it is expensive and (b) we have no way to compel anyone to pay the costs.  Indeed, the horses are so nearly worthless that the threat of destruction is empty.  The cost to the RDOS of corralling and disposing of roaming horses is bound to be significant (though, as I say above, we are trying to put together some specific numbers).

Of course, there are serious political implication with the PIB and also a large block of horse supporters within our own community. This is something that will also become a factor in the decision.

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