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I received the following feedback regarding the temporary feeding stations:

Dear Mr. Brydon:

This letter is in respect to your RDOS Fall 2010 Newsletter to the residents of Area “F”.

I resent having to pay anything to support somebody else' animals being allowed  to run at large within the boundaries of the Rural District. I would expect that you should feel the same way also. The feeding stations are just another temporary band-aid solution to this ongoing problem.   I offer the following as a solution to the horse problem in our District. 

I lived in Alberta for 30 years and during that time, the Province of Alberta had what is called the “Stray Animals Act and Regulations.”  You can find a copy on the internet under “Government of Alberta Stray Animals Act and Regulations.”  It specifically deals with situations of this nature.  The act and regulations put the onus directly upon the animal owners who are held responsible for their animals and any damage they may cause.  As a suggestion, it may be worth pursuing this with the Province of BC to see if the same type of Act and Regulations can be put in place.  There may be something I'm not aware of here in BC, however, it certainly is worth pursuing.  Please have a look at this Act and Regulations.  It may be that the Rural District could create a bylaw similar to the above act with enforcement regulations.

I'm not a horseman but if the animals are coming to the feeding station in the Rural District, we can contract a rancher to capture these animals and dispose of them in accordance to any regulations that are in place.  Any proceeds from the sale of captured animals could be put towards the ranchers' expenses. 

I believe there is a better solution to this problem

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