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RDOS staff met with a representative of TLC on 29 June, 2009, to request permission to treat Max Lake for mosquitoes. What follows is a summary of the report I received from staff:

Bottom line: Based on the covenant TLC will not allow the application of any pesticides or chemicals including mosquito spraying.

RDOS staff pointed out the following:

  1. The larvicide used is considered specific to mosquitoes and non toxic to other organisms.
  2. Based on the "prevent potential injury or death" language in the covenant, it may allow spraying at some time in the future if/when sufficient numbers of these mosquitoes are present and a potential health risk is identified.

TLC is interested in working with us to monitor the area and collect data on the mosquito population at Max Lake.

  1. RDOS staff will work with the TLC to monitor the site and collect data on mosquito larvae present
  2. If we have statistics or science to support a quality of life argument, we can have another discussion with them.

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