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The fact that a covenant was created shows that there was (and likely still is) strong support for protecting Max Lake.  I just received the following email:

Although I agree that the mosquitoes this year have been worse than any other, we seem to have found a solution. I bought a black light mosquito zapper for $84 at Canadian Tire. It covers a 1 acre area. We sat out tonight at twilight for about 40 minutes and only had one mosquito  land on us. Personally, I would rather not use the pesticide solution at Max Lake. A teacher I know was just educating me this week about the pond study he usually does with his students regarding the importance of the Max Lake Wetland. Apparently, Painted turtles and Tiger Salamanders both reside there and both are on endangered lists. South Okanagan wetlands are unique ecosystems in Canada. I would rather put up with a few weeks of bothersome pests than do irreversible harm to the Wetland near our homes. When you choose to live in this neighborhood which interfaces with wilderness and a riparian wetland, you have to take the good with the bad. Think of the black fly season of June in Ontario, that is just the reality of early summer. I would advise others to buy the mosquito zapper and not lobby for the use of pesticides.


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