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The updated data indicates that an average of 2323 vehicles use Prairie Valley Road every day.

At the July 6 meeting of the RDOS directors, Mayor Waterman commented on the number of additional vehicles that would use Prairie Valley Road each day as being more important than the total vehicle usage each day. The RDOS staff had estimated a maximum of 20 to 25 vehicles COULD be used. This number represents the total number of vehicles in the RDOS fleet. Mr. Baughen says that not all the vehicles would be used each day and also pointed out that the 20 to 25 number included "all residential, commercial and wastewater treatment sludge vehicles ALREADY accessing the Summerland Landfill."

Mr. Baughen also commented that "other roads exist within Summerland to access the Landfill site which would use a lesser portion of Prairie Valley Road and avoid school zones. The 2007 District Transportation Master Plan shows Cartwright Ave. as a potential trucking route. the other potential route is Dale Meadows Rd."

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