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I also have filed a written complaint about the under contsruction/renovation at West Bench Drive/ Bartlett corner with 4 or more unlicensed vehicles plus weeds plus the look of a dump. I agree with Pat Clements - this is NOT normal. Weeds were finally buzzed down recently but the front yard along West Bench Drive is a mess. We did renovations to our home and it never looked that bad. My husband cleans up debris and tidies up the equipment after himself DAILY, has done renovations for others and always did the same. Those clients were appreciative. Why can't the property owner get rid of the junk in the front yard. A truck topper stuffed with odds and ends looks like JUNK. Buy another tent cover and stuff the crappy looking gear and bits and pieces inside. The enormous rockpile and and equipment at the second property is an eyesore to me as well, but I guess that property owner likes the look. At least the driveway has been paved to reduce the blowing dust and the weeds are now buzzed down. I agree NO LIGHT INDUSTRIAL - home based businesses are smaller than that. Dog grooming, pottery studio, bed and breakfast (currently permitted as it is seasonal), seasonal greenhouse products, bee keeping are all legitimate, custom instrument making, weaving studio, art studio. Paint fumes from painting cars is not. If it is a hobby, one or two paint jobs every few years, not multiple ones for his buddies or clients that we all have to suffer the fumes from. I'm ready to take the survey! List possible allowable businesses so we can all select the ones we can handle in this semi-rural area that needs to stay semi-rural. Until we have sewers, no more housing. Maybe there are enough property owners who want to build carriage house who would contribute for the initial sewers, and anyone wanting to add a carriage house pays connection charges. Will you put that option on the survey?

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