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We live in a lovely community with strong roots to the past.  Even though most of us do not conduct business on our residential properties, there are some that do.  Saying that, no one would dispute the right to earn your livelihood, hover, I believe that a "few" are going beyond reason.  There is no need for industrial garages, sea containers, or pieces of heavy equipment which operate outside of normal business times.  I believe that the Bylaw enforcement people are doing a good job generally, and it is difficult to make everyone happy, but, when I complained about the rock pile/sea containers, and noxious weeds on my neighbors property, or the  house at the top of the street that has been under renovation for over 2 years with noxious weeds, and a minimum of 2 or max. of 5 unlicenced vehicles in the overgrown yard, I was advised that everything was fine and this wa normal "construction".  That seems to be very skewed thinking.  I believe that the O.C.P. should not allow "light" industrial business in a residential neighbouhood.  Our area will grow and change with the times, but it is still residential for the most part and should stay that way.  I hope there will be more meetings in future about this, as we were out of town for the June 14 one.  

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