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I can't believe that this is being entertained as a reasonable or responsible option for the West Bench. The semi rural way of life here is our greatest gift and the loss of this would catastrophic! I have an neighbor who would be chomping at the bit to turn his massive garage into an auto body repair shop. A garage that Michael Brydon called a 'bomb' dropped into the heighbourhood. I already get the whiffs of his occasional car painting projects when he turns on his industrial fan that roars like a jet landing. Imagine the stream of cars using our little side road, parking issues, the impending problems and issues go on and on. Penticton has an industrial area for a reason and that is where industry belongs. I totally get it when people get upset with businesses bringing in containers, trucks, tractors. Just drive up to Husula and you can see why this is an issue for surrounding neighbours. I look forward to having my input in the discussion and hope that the 'Big Giant Heads' at the RDOS don't make this an arbitrary decision.

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