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Of course ideally we'd find something in the middle ground of these groups. My one neighbour who moved in, denuded the entire property, build a huge garage, covered the ground with boulders to absorb a little more heat in the summer and decorated so far with weeds and heavy equipment and my other neighbour runs various pesticide/chemical businesses with large equipment. Both neighbours have shipping containers and it's feeling very industrial, not like a neighbourhood. Having said that one of these 2 tries to be as discreet and respectful as possible and the other doesn't, so it is also a matter of approach even in these cases.
Another neighbour is running a small florist business while another has a kiln. Is there not a way to support some businesses and be a bit flexible while preventing someone from coming into the community and treating it like a dockyard? Could bylaws not help restrict usage to some definition on non industrial small businesses to allow flexibility?
I love the rural agricultural feel here but what about everyone wanting to keep the school? How can we keep a school when few young families can afford these properties? Do we need to allow carriage houses or some densification to provide options for young families or give up on the school?
I am looking forward to not just hearing what people's 'wants' for the community are but also really anxious to hear any creative solutions to move forward with an active sustainable somewhat rural feeling community. Let's not lose the unique character of the area anymore than we have.

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