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We have traditionalists and industrialists. But I should also point out that we have densifiers.  These three camps should be seen as three different points on a triangle in that they each have different visions of the future West Bench.  The densifiers want to increase density (in certain pockets) of the West Bench. To do this, would-be densifiers need some kind of technology to deal with storm and sanitary sewer.  They will likely also need to upgrade our water systems.

Given the cost of sewers for the West Bench, I think it is safe to assume we are talking about a fairly significant uptick in density.  To make this more concrete, think of the Banks Crescent development on the WOW golf course.  Nothing like this has been proposed by anyone; I am just using this as a hypothetical example because the two sites have similarities (except sewer and water, of course). And I am guessing that 400 units is close to the break-even density given the technical challenges of building on silt.  Of course, if a developer of such a project is willing to pay a big chunk of the cost of a sewer connection to Penticton, then that opens the possibility of sewer for all.

Now I know a lot of people, when asked, are not in favor of densification.  But I also know there are a lot of illegal suites on the West Bench.  Mortgage helpers, in-law suites, and carriage houses (all not permitted in the greater West Bench due to soil instability) are forms of densification.  So if there are four cars in your driveway and people living in your basement, you have already aligned yourself with the densifiers.

Disclosure: I currently have one Okanagan Hockey Academy billet in my basement.  At one point a couple of years ago I had four Vees/OHA billets living in my house (all great kids).  Billets are a bit of a grey area.  They are probably permitted in the zoning bylaw (since I am not getting paid, per se).  But they are contrary to the spirit of limiting the number of toilets flushed on the West Bench (soil instability).

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