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If the so-called industrialists really consider that having a large property that isn't being farmed only means that it's wasted in lawn, they are very narrow-minded (self-interested more likely). There are quite a number of people, some recent arrivals on the Bench, who have horses, chickens, and large gardens and I hazard a guess that a great number of the huge lawns (I'm not in favour of these either) are on properties owned by people of an age when they aren't able to make other uses of the land; but that will change. I am appalled at the idea of the lovely, semi-rural West Bench being turned into a mini industrial subsidiary to Penticton, chiefly I think because it's cheaper than renting or owning land in the actual industrial area. I heard that argument from one person who, yes, does have a business on the Bench with largish equipment. I too seriously dislike the increased traffic of large vehicles, the enormous 'garages' being constructed, and even more the attitude that businesses have the right for some reason to take over the quiet place we live in. I live just a few blocks from what was a lovely property with gardens and horse pasture the new owners of which have for the past year been digging out, adding soil to, and otherwise destroying the place with no discernible purpose. Small, home-based businesses I have no problem with, but not ones that change the whole character of the area.

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