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OCP Review Citizens Committee

A Citizens Committee of approximately two dozen Area F residents has been created to help guide the OCP review process (recall the January call for applications).  The role of the committee is 

[...] as a community sounding board and as communication agents to talk to their neighbours and friends, etc.  We don’t expect them to go through policy by policy but to advise on the larger picture goals.

Members of the committee were selected to represent a cross-section of Area F residents in terms of:

  1. geographic location within the electoral area
  2. demographics (age, gender, etc.)


In addition, a serious effort was made by RDOS planning staff to appoint members with different outlooks and who represent different sub-constituencies in Area F.  For example, some members are known to be pro-development while others are known to be interested in conservation.

The kick-off meeting for the Citizens Committee is 24 May, 2017 at 6 PM at the RDOS.  Although all meetings are public, the first meeting will be more of an orientation and onboarding for committee members.  Policy discussions, open houses, debates, and so on are a ways off yet.

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