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The province contracts Argo for road maintenance.  So all these fixes are paid for by the province.  Of course you pay the province through income tax and your rural tax (see more on your tax bill here).

I posted the Castanet story on potholes because it provides a bit of background information on the process.  As you have noted, so-called cold mix stands no chance against fully loaded dump trucks.  When it gets too bad you can drop MoTI a line (see owner's manual link in main post).  I do this from time to time and the problem is usally fixed (if that is the word) within a day.

I imagine the province will do something with that intersection when the weather gets better.  However, as the white bridge shows, MoTI has an incredible willingness to patch rather than replace.  I don't doubt their economics--they know what they are doing.  But my guess is that MoTI's economic models underweight the inconvenience of constant repairs for residents.

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