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Hi Michael: Thank you for doing such a great job of keeping us all informed about our area. On the subject of the roads up here, I have a huge!! question about the intersection of Bartlett and West Bench, that pesky pothole situation that never goes away. That whole intersection, but especially the southwest corner, truly needs major infrastructure work done on it. In one day the (major) potholes go from fixed to ripped because of the gravel trucks. Someone is going to end up having major reconstructive surgery on their car because of those holes. I've noticed many times, after waiting weeks for it to be "fixed", that after a day or at most a week, the holes are back again. Argo always sends out a crew of two to shovel a bit of asphalt into the hole, but never actually fixes the underlying cause of the problem. My question is: are we paying for these so called fixes, and why (ok, two questions) is that corner not being properly dug out and cambered so that these holes don't keep forming. That part of the intersection has more patches in it than my husband's work socks, and those patches are about as useful as the above mentioned footwear! If the trucks are causing the problem, then maybe they should be the ones responsible for bearing the cost of a real and long term fix. Thank you for listening.

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