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Yes, big issue.  The RDOS staff report states:

It is also noted that the applicant has stated that “the ship at anchor carries a $1,000,000 million liability policy with a $300,000 salvage inclusion” and it is entrusted that the province considers these sums sufficient in the event that the ship should requiring salvaging from its current location. 

In short, we rely on the province and Transport Canada to take care of all the technical details (which is good, because this is well outside of the RDOS range of expertise).  What we are really looking at is a neighborhood issue:

  1. Do people want to look at this (a cost)
  2. Would people welcome the cruise service as an amenity or economic driver  (benefit)


As Ruth pointed out in a comment above, few homes in Area F would see the moorage.  But you would see it when driving to Kelowna or using one of the pull-out parks along that stretch of road.

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