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Interesting. I will ask RDOS staff about what is required to read your own meter.  Although the existing meters are wireless, they are not continuous smart meters so do not transmit usage information continuously.  The meters must be read by someone with a reader in close proximity to the wireless signal.  We read quarterly to keep reading costs (which are charged back to the water service) manageable.

Interestingly, we did try to provide information to West Bench customers on historical water usage through a dashboard.  The idea was to provide users with a picuture of (a) their water use over time and (b) their water use with respect to similar properties.  The link to the tool is here.  These dashboards allow one to spot potential leaks at a glance.

However, relatively few residents registered for and used the dashboards.  Thus I wonder how important water use information is generally and whether improved information infrastructure is worth the cost. Of course, the problem could have simply been these dashboards.  If you tried to use them but could not please let me know.  I am interested in knowing what the problem is.

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