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Just a heads-up to those interested in the Conservation Fund (either for or against):  There seems to be some desire by some Okanagan members of the RDOS board to halve the contribution to the Conservation Fund (from an average of $10/household/year to $5/household/year).  The board is going to hold off voting on this budget item until the AAP is closed on Dec 5.

My own sense is that the extra $5/year is not going to break anyone's back so I would like to stick with the original proposal (the one outlined in the AAP).  The whole point of the fund is to accumulate real money to tackle real conservation projects. 

Unfortunately, many Okanagan directors have not heard much from the electorate on this issue (pro or con).  My recommendation to people with strong feelings either way is to mobilize and be heard prior to the Dec 15th budget meeting.

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