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I actually do not know what the main stumbling blocks are. I am not privy to discussions between the Chapman family, Interior Health, and the province on this issue. My only objective in all this is to make sure the RDOS is NOT the stumbling block.

As for rust and minerals, I have not yet noticed this in my water. All water for Sage Mesa, Westwood, and Husula comes from the same place. The only difference is that Husula and Westwood (and some of Sage Mesa?) use the upper reservoir in the woods west of Forsythe Place. I will pass your complaint along to RDOS public works. Perhaps they can do some testing to identify the location of the problem. Could be Husula water mains or something on your side of the property line.

As for water safety: All water from the upper reservoir is continuously monitored for chlorine residual. Those of us using the upper reservoir are better off than those close to the intake on Okanagan Lake because our water has sufficient contact time with chlorine before it arrives at our taps. This is why residents in the lower section of Sage Mesa have a standing boil water notice: their water is chlorinated but their homes are so close to the pump house on Okanagan Lake that Interior Health (the regulator) cannot be sure that the chlorine has sufficient time to react with any organic contaminants that might be in the water. Put it this way: my family drinks the water from our taps.

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