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I don’t think we need to worry quite so much about what baby boomers think of spending on education, for a few reasons:
1.)The number of Millenials in this country equals that of Baby Boomers – both about 25% of population. In fact, statisticians are eagerly awaiting the census results – as it is possible that Millenials will pull ahead of the total percentage of Boomers in Canada’s population.
2.)Millenials vote. I heard an interesting CBC documentary on the mindset of Millenials, and the fact that (among other less valuable attributes) they are programmed to participate in society and to vote.
3.)I wouldn’t discount that Boomers still see a need for education in society... if not just for the fact that the younger generation is going to have to have good jobs to pay for the care of the elderly.
4.)We don’t necessary need more funding in education, but a rethink of the current funding model.
A different government could be pushed to reverse decisions that made it easier to privatize:
a.)reduce funding to private schools
b.)eliminate per student funding model (disadvantage for rural/small schools)
c.)Reverse measures that made school closures an easy option to deal with budget issues. New measures must create more checks and balances, and accountability to impacted community stakeholders. Because closing schools is an easy big-cash saver at the moment many school districts are enticed to do it. And because of it happening across the province, trustees mistakenly think that if others are doing something then it must be right. (Of course, with more consensus-building and engagement it will more easily come to light when some school closures make sense).
A different govermment could also be pushed to implement new measures such as:
a.) Cap administrative/student ratio funding. (It’s alarmingly high in SD 67).
b.) Accountability for off-loaded cost to communities, and rethink of allowing school districts to be the only overseer of school properties
c.) More innovative shared use of buildings
And many more ideas that don’t involve blindly shoving dollars into a system that needs a rethink.
Btw... Belated happy birthday...

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