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Hi Mike,
While I am in agreement with the concept of the tax if it will keep WBE open, I think there is an aspect of the argument that needs to be thought through as I think it will come up amongst the opponents to this. The tax cost is real but the property value loss is only real if you are selling your property. It could also be argued that the decreased property value has a benefit in lower property taxes.

Other thoughts:
- Having a timeline for when enrollment declines will turn around, and a clear explanation of how that would trigger a cessation of the tax would be important in getting votes off the fence.
- If the motion to close is rescinded while we go through the process and it ends up in a no vote, it could possibly delay the closure process to the point where we have bought ourselves another year.
- Are we proposing this on a the economics or on the point of process, i.e, the fact that other schools with a grant were excluded?

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