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As the Secretary-Treasurer of SD67 says above, " if the Board [of Education] wishes to move forward with the proposal, there is an action to rescind the closure motion".

SD67 did not consider the RDOS subsidy proposal at the 30 March, 2016, meeting because the proposal was seen as new information that came after deliberation but before final reading.  Like all governments, SD67 makes a clear distinction between its information-gathering stage and its decision-making stage.  This is only fair because no decision-making body wants new arguments and rebuttals and rebuttals to rebuttals coming in at the last minute.  This would make the decision overly sensitive to having the last word.

The Board of Education could have deferred its school closure decision but this would have entailed restarting the entire decision and public consultation processes (which is what the RDOS has done in such cases).  Instead the Board of Education chose to take a final vote on the school closure motion and deal with any follow-on information through their reconsideration/rescind processes.  So all this is simply SD67's approach to parliamentary procedure.  We might have done it a little differently at the RDOS but I certainly see the Board of Education's reluctance to prolong this district-wide debate.  People need to make plans for the coming school year and now they have some certainty (regardless of whether it is the outcome they wanted).

Here is where the RDOS subsidy proposal comes in.  SD67 has made the final decision to close multiple schools.  The RDOS proposal represents a significant change to the underlying economics for one of these schools  Hence the request for a new consideration of the specific merits of a subsidized West Bench Elementary School.

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