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There seems to be some confusion regarding the amount of time required to establish an RDOS subsidy for West Bench School.

What follows is Bill Newell's (RDOS CAO) response to an inquiry from SD67 staff:

Date: Fri, 1 Apr 2016 13:59:50 -0700
From: Bill Newell <>
To: Roller-Routley, Bonnie <>
CC: SD67-School-Trustees-Email <>, Hyer, Wendy <>, Michael Brydon <>

Hi Bonnie

Our process falls out of the Local Government Act and would entail the following:

  1. We would commence the process to establish a Service; meaning we would have to determine the geographic area and set a requisition limit
  2. Should the Bylaw receive 3 Readings by the Board of Directors, the Board would determine the process to be followed to obtain public assent.
  3. We would need approval from the Municipal Inspector out of the Ministry of Community Sport & Cultural Development
  4. We would proceed with either a referendum or Alternative Assent vote
  5. Should it be successful, the Board could adopt the Service Establishment Bylaw.
  6. Once approved, we could requisition for funds in the 2017 Budget.


Should the School District be interested in pursuing this option, the Regional District could probably be in a position to enter into a Contribution Agreement within 6 months of process commencement, should the off-ramps of provincial approval and public assent be avoided.

This approach to a partnership between a School District and a Local Government to keep a school open in a community would be breaking new ground and I’m sure there would be discussions about how this could best proceed; but, because of the importance of a school to the character and quality of life of our ratepayers, we’re interested in giving it a shot.

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