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My husband and I made the decision to buy property on the West Bench and move here with our children in order to give them a "rural" experience while living in close proximity to all the amenities Penticton has to offer. Naturally horses were part on the plan and the horses proved to be a delightful addition to our lives.We cannot stress strongly enough how life in a mixed-use area of small estate farms, orchards, green houses, large gardens, chickens, rabbits, pigs and especially horses have enriched ours lives and our children's upbringing. We never had any complaints from our neighbours. In fact, the opposite happened. People thanked us for having horses. Horses being loved and cared for and used. It gave them the chance to enjoy country living without the activity of caring for livestock.
Electoral Area F is not Electoral Area D and therefore cannot be compared. We bought here because of the diversity. Raised our children here because of the experience of "country" living. Let's keep the horses ( and one horse alone is cruel) and keep West Bench as country estates with all that entails.

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