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I also must object to the limit of 5 "small livestock" on parcels between 500 and 2,500 m2. My land is approximately 2,000 m2 and the property could easily support 15-20 chickens or ducks. We purchased this property with the intention of raising poultry for eggs and meat, aiming to reduce the environmental impact of our food supply by producing as much of our own as possible. Besides this product, the birds provide other benefits such as pest and weed control, as they scratch and eat bugs, and conversion of food waste into beneficial eggs, meat and fertilizer.
In fact I believe that we may have chosen to live elsewhere if this bylaw was in effect when we purchased our property. Please take this into consideration; I would suggest lowering the limit for the 25 birds to 2,000 m2 as this change would exempt all the larger West Bench lots, yet still limit to 5 the newer subdivisions up the hill. Certainly I am not suggesting that 25 birds on a 5,000 ft2 lot is a good idea. Thank you for the opportunity to provide feedback.

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