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I agree.  The problem at this point, as I understand it, is software.  Our billing software does not provide this information easily when mailing out bills.  New billing and reporting software (custom or off-the-shelf) is not a trivial undertaking.  The alternative is to increase clerical time to extract and add water usage information to bills.  This would also be a costly undertaking and require some pretty good data wrangling skills.

Ideally (and I have made this point to the CAO in the past) we would like to move towards billing software that permits "behavioral nudges".  For example, it would be nice to show the range of water uses for similar properties and situate each household on this distribution.  Some jurisdictions even show smiley faces when the household falls below the average. Surprisingly (or maybe not) these signals can lead to significant behavior changes.

Better and more informative water bills becomes more feasible as the RDOS takes on additional water systems.

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