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2461.08, 2015, Electoral Area “F” Zoning Amendment Bylaw (MacRae Deans Road)

Board date: 
Thursday, January 21, 2016

This is a follow-on to the First Reading.

I supported this application at Third Reading and it passed the board unanimously.  Recall that I thought this one was tricky because the Regional Growth Strategy frowns on infill development between communities (in this case Summerland and Faulder).  At the same time, this is a classic example of a dysfunctional hooked lot.

At the end of the day it came down to the public hearing (which includes letters and emails submitted in lieu of attendance).  Since no one spoke out or wrote against the application, I can only assume the public has no strong feelings one way or the other.  Absent opposition, the tricky ones often go in favor of the applicant.

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