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I have enormous respect for grass-roots initiatives, such as the trail along the lake from Summerland to Penticton.   But after talking to RDOS staff, it seems likely the that $8M price tag is a lower bound.  The engineering and construction costs could be substantially higher.

At the same time, we have an abandoned railbed from the edge of Penticton right into Summerland.  It is already constructed and graded (to a comfortable 2%).  The views along this upper route between Penticton and Summerland are fantastic--they rival those on the east side Naramata portion of the KVR.  And there are no big trucks or fumes.

The key issue, as discussed elsewhere, is that the KVR trail from Penticton to the Trout Creek trestle is currently owned by the CPR and will eventually be owned by the Penticton Indian Band.  Securing the railbed for trail use will almost certainly involve some form of lease agreement with the PIB.  This will cost money.  Moreover, the railbed has been so washed-out and torn-up over the years that it is, in its current state, unsuitable for many activities.  Resurfacing the trail will cost money.  Still, I cannot imagine a lease and resurfacing for the KVR to cost anywhere near $10M.  That is the bottom line.

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