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The $174,325 worth of add-ons will be covered by an energy efficiency grant, which could have been otherwise used to bring down the total cost of the build or kept in the bank for another project.

Three issues here:

  1. 60 people work in the RDOS building. It is a dump.  As Joe points out at the end of his article, it has not been upgraded in 30 years.
  2. The $174K grant was not in place when the original project was approved.  We thought we might get some grants, but these things are never sure.  As such, the $174K is a bit of a windfall.
  3. Some of the energy-saving initiatives (like LED lights) will have a payback in operations costs.

The audio system would be good because the sound in the RDOS boardroom is very bad.  But I wonder about the wisdom of spending $30K-$50K so that the two people in the gallery can hear better.  The audio system may be a useful step towards webcasting RDOS meetings.  But again, I am unconvinced that anyone would watch these webcasts.   No one is reading this blog, after all (except you, of course).



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