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There are definitely groups and individuals interested in the welfare of these horses who are, as Theresa accurately observes, "owned" one day and "not owned" the next, depending on whether said ownership is of benefit or not. We believe that horses should be removed from the livestock category entirely, as they are commonly viewed as companion animals and working partners and have not been traditionally raised for food. Their meat, therefore, can be laced with drugs not fit for human consumption. It is a travesty that this herd of horses was sold (for meat?) when, with some publicity, they could have been placed in homes. Social media is a powerful tool, and through networking in the past it has been possible to re-home large herds of at-risk horses. All it takes is a willingness for people to work together on solutions.
I will contact Zoe at RDOS on behalf of our coalition. We are here to be part of the solution and would happily work with PIB and RDOS in order to help address this serious problem. Slaughter is simply not a solution, in our view. It is not humane euthanasia. Every effort should be made to keep these noble, intelligent animals "in the stable and off the table".
Sinikka Crosland, Executive Director
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition

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