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Thank you Mr. Brydon for posting the letter to the Editor regarding the recent round up of the West Bench horses. Eva is correct about the money offered to Mr. Pierre, last fall when they had the sale he refused to sell horses to three people that I know personally. He also turned down $1000.00 for a mare and foal this spring that he then sold for much less when he rounded up the West Bench horses. I understand that these are privately owned horses and the RDOS does not have control over the poor business practices of the owner, but I am angry that the horses are NOT OWNED when hit by vehicles or there is responsibility to be taken, but even when clearly branded the authorities refuse to do anything about the neglect of the horses and the danger they represent to drivers on our road ways.
Currently there are two horses left to wonder the West Bench, a branded white mare and her colt from this year, that are owned by one of the PIB councilors so not sure what to make of that?
As far as investigating "horse adoption and similar programs" I know I have never been consulted and I repeatedly offer help. I myself have placed over 40 of the local and wild horses since I became involved in this issue. The recent roundup also got some other ladies involved who stepped up and were responsible for finding homes for some of the horses. More could have been sold but everything happened so quickly and even though I called and tried to get more time to find sales for some of the horses that were friendly and socialized I was refused.
Last year I offered to raise the funds for Dolly Krugers herd, estimated at around 40 head, to receive the birth control vaccine which could then serve as a pilot project but was turned down. Interested but not accepted.
No one said we could save them all, but if given the chance I know we could save quite a few, especially the young horses. Michael I have a great deal of respect for you, but please do not say “there is little interest”. I am interested and I know that lots of others would get involved if given the chance. What do the owners and band have to lose by doing this?
Give the people who are willing to work on the horses behalf an opportunity and see what can be accomplished, then decide if it is a success or not. There is an old saying “those who say it cannot be done need to get out of the way of those who are doing it.”
I and others are doing what we can in spite of the obstacles, imagine what we could accomplish if instead of barriers we were given bridges?

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