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Is it correct to assume then that all 45 of the discreetly sold West Bench horses were sold as private property, and therefore the RDOS had no vested concern in their fate? As a public entity, the RDOS should be concerned about animal cruelty, as well as preventing tainted horsemeat from entering the food chain. You also vaguely sight "past investigations" as proof that the number of horses in question far exceeds demand for rescue and adoptions. Times have changed since your "early days" and there are many more organizations cooperating to save horses from slaughter. Representatives are present at almost every advertised auction bidding on behalf of buyers in Alberta, BC, and across the border in WA. Buyers also pool their resources to save weanling and yearlings, and to arrange hauling so even those people living in remote locations can buy a kill-pen animal.
Perhaps it's time that the RDOS look at the problem with a fresh pair of eyes and do what's right, not just for the environment, but for the horses who have much more to offer than being a meal on someone's plate.

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