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While all the above is true and/or has merit, the situation with many of these horses, including the band that has frequented the WB, is quite specific, as far as I've ever heard. For one, the owner raises the horses for slaughter, so has little interest in controlling numbers. Second, he has been offered good money (much more than slaughter prices) for some young animals in the recent past, but refused to sell. And third, for people who don't know, unlike livestock such as cows or sheep (not that I'm glossing over them being slaughtered either!) horse meat is not at all made inedible or even unpalatable by the animal being injured or under stress (such as a very sensitive animal being shipped for long distances with who knows how much, or how little, food and water and very possibly injured! There are no slaughtering facilities in BC (not even sure in Alberta now) so the horses are shipped for long distances, alive.

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