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The gravel and asphalt operations in our backyards are a constant source of frustration (not to mention noise and dust).  The operators of these facilities argue (rightly) that the gravel pits were here long before any houses.  In addition, the Westhills Aggregates pit is (since the mid 1980s) on PIB land.  That means the RDOS's land use and noise bylaws are irrelevant to that operation.  The best we can do is what you have done already--give them a call and ask them to be good neighbors. Keeping in mind, of course, that they are running a business.

As an aside, the Peter Bros. asphalt plant is unambiguously within Area F boundaries and is subject to our land use and noise bylaws.  Indeed, the RDOS has levied fines on Peter Bros. on many occasions for temporary expansions of its operations.  The summer of 2014 was especially bad when they were repaving the airport runways (a job that was done at night).  We chose at the time not to fine them for that job because, after all, we all benefit directly or indirectly from the airport being paved.  A sleepless summer for some, however.

As a resident who lives very close to these industrial operations my long term hope is that (a) they run out of gravel (does not seem likely when I look out my window) or (b) the real estate market takes off and the highest and best use of that land becomes view homes.  Of course, this would require sewer service on the bench....

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