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We live on the south end of West Bench Drive and over the last year this dust cloud has become a regular daily occurrence and can be seen from town every day. It just gets worse when it is windy. Our yards are covered in fine dust and I have never cleaned so much mud from the rain gutters as I have this year. We are hearing a lot of complaints from residents. Air quality concerns are a huge issue for many, especially seniors and those with health issues. Trucks are starting up at 4:30 a.m. throughout the week. The gravel operation is long term and not going away any time soon. The noise and dust issue has to be a concern for West Bench, Westwood and PIB residents. There are ways to reduce the dust. Roads could be oiled, some other type of dust control measures could be used, scrubbers could be installed on the crusher etc. Are there noise & dust regulations that should be followed? Is it possible for the RDOS or senior levels of government to meet with PIB to look at the issues? Thanks.

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