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Yes, I am trying to scale back all discretionary grant-giving by the rural director.  These grants seem to me to pose a risk of favoritism and cronyism.  The new RDOS policy for electoral area grants requires complete transparency: starting this year a list of all grant recipients and all amounts will be prepared with the budget.

Having said that, many projects and organizations in the community are deserving of our support.  Although I am generally against "mandatory charity" (giving away your taxes as grants), I am wondering whether Area F should make a small block contribution (say $10K -- roughly what many other rural directors spend on grants) to an organization with granting competence at its core (for example the Community Foundation).  The advantage of this approach is that granting decisions in these organizations are made by a panel of community members using specific criteria to maximize impact.  It just strikes me as a more just and effective process than asking an electoral area director for money every year.

Any thoughts on this?

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