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I live on the West Bench and am a horse owner, which I suppose biases me, but that aside I feel strongly that traditions in such matters should be respected and taken into account whenever changes in bylaws are contemplated. People often choose to live in an area in part because of such traditions that define the nature of life there, in this case, horses, hens, and a few other critters kept on large properties; conversely, people who don't want that sort of lifestyle are unlikely to buy in such an area. I wonder how widespread the view expressed by the Heritage Hills person is in that area, but assuming it is the majority view, then let those people have their lifestyle there. It should not mean that other areas in the RDOS cannot be quite different. Personally, whether I had a horse or not, I'd never consider buying in an area which didn't welcome other species, beyond cats and dogs, that are loved and taken care of appropriately. It would be SO boring!

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