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It is a fact that some people are more sensitive than others to EMF, wireless technology, and it is fact that we just don't know enough. It is fact that those who are not a canary should not turn a blind eye just because they are not experiencing, at present, any negative health affects. Director Biddon, it is your job as a politician to not just vote on your own belief, nor on just your own truth, nor Health Canada's truth, but to do the research from both sides and keep an open mind especially when others are questioning and then decide what is best. Even if you do not agree, you should have attended the presentations and listened, and brought your Health Canada quotes and any other comments or questions. To quote what Health Canada states is truth, is naive. Look at what happened in Health Canada with the Bovine Growth Hormone (BGH); if it was not for the ONE Health Canada scientist who was brave enough to question BGH (this same scientist was later fired) and if it was not for the courage of this ONE scientist and the Senate, we would have Bovine Growth Hormone in Canadian milk and meat. And even then, the Conservation gov't still approved, for entry into Canada, products from other countries containing animal/dairy products raised with BGH. If this ONE Health Canada scientist was not successful in his case to the Senate and if BGH was approved, we would have had literature from Health Canada why BGH was safe and quoting the studies, even though this ONE Health Canada scientist found it not safe. And you would be feeding your kids, Canadian milk /meat with BGH, because you would have believed the Health Canada literature. Oh and now our Canadian Scientists are muzzled and cannot speak out, or so the newspapers state and much historical scientific data held in Winnipeg MB was destroyed, or so the newspapers state and those who witnessed it. I know personally a scientist who quit her job, as her reports and findings were on more than one occasion altered to corporate liking, not to the scientist's findings. It seems this happens in all levels of government and I am not saying all the time, but it does some of the time. I am sure and have no doubt that there are some truths coming out of Health Canada, but there are Scientists and a lot of the public stating that more studies and better technology is needed before the rushed push of wireless technology on homes and in schools. It seems choice has been removed. Thank goodness for politicians like Director Tom Siddon to have the courage to open his mind, take time from his family and busy schedule to attend meetings and do his research rather than just quoting Health Canada. He represents progress and the kind of politicians we need. He is like the ONE scientist who is brave enough to question and do the research, and then decide on the appropriate action, as all politician should, that is their job. By the previous article, it seems you have not attended one of the meetings held in the South Okanagan addressing the concerns from the scientific community and the general public, and if you had, and still held the position of Health Canada, we would have to respect that, because you listened to both sides. But you did not. And Mr. Biddon, that is the bigger problem.

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