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The big bump in West Bench Hill Road

As you may have noticed, a big chunk of the east side of West Bench Hill Road has slumped.  Roads in rural areas are the responsibility of the provincial Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MoTI). However, the supply line for the West Bench Water System runs under that road.  We have two concerns:

  1. The supply line is not causing the subsurface erosion.  RDOS staff does not believe our line is leaking.
  2. The soil supporting the supply line is intact.  The City of Penticton had a problem earlier in the year in which a water main was undermined by erosion and broke.  Very costly and inconvenient. At this point, our line is well east of the depression.  But we all know how much these silty soils can shift.


RDOS assures me that Argo and MoTI will be addressing the issue this week (mid-April 2015).  Also, RDOS engineers will be on-site to address our water main concerns.

Hopefully the West Bench Speed Bump will be just that, nothing major.

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