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The bottom line is that it is up to the PIB to determine how much you pay.  And since you do not have a vote on the PIB, your only practical recourse if you are unhappy with your taxes is to move.  I can't say whether you pay more or less tax than when the RDOS collected your taxes.  I have no visibility into your current tax rates.

As I see it though, the primary risk is in the other direction: First Nations may opt out of charging certain taxes to non-native leaseholders in order to compete more effectively on price.  The Bish report highlights Regional Hospital Districts and Translink as two examples in which non-native users of services may or may not be taxed at the same level as those outside of native taxation authority.  There is little to compel the PIB to tax for the Okanagan Basin Water Board even though many Red Wing residents benefit in the most direct way imaginable from investments in basin health.

This likely suits most Redwing residents fine.  After all, who want to pay tax?  But broader issue is equity.  If the services of the OBWB are beneficial then everyone who benefits should pay for the services.  If the services are not beneficial then no one should pay.

As I say, I am not 100% sure what the PIB charges for and does not charge for (I am not provided with this information).  This whole issue strikes me as a big gap that the province needs to address and resolve.

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