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I heard two things at last night's open house that need to be resolved before we send out the survey.

  1. The first is whether the City of Penticton is willing to reduce its annual operating charges for the two Penticton options.  I have posted a discussion of this issue here. The idea is to given Penticton ample opportunity to be the lowest bidder.  Recently, the City of Penticton bid on fire dispatch for the regional district and they came in with the highest bid.  Following the RDOS board's decision to go in a different direction, there was (and still is) much agitating for giving the City another chance to "sharpen its pencil". Well, the time for pencil-sharpening around the West Bench water proposal is now, before we survey residents.
  2. The second issue is the possibility of a West Bench water filtration plant.  Normally, this would not compare well economically with a UV plant.  However, remember that the second larger grant ($3.38M) is for filtered water from Penticton only.  Perhaps we can convince the Provincial Government that the "filtered" part of this restriction is more important than the "Penticton" part.  This is a good suggestion that deserves some analysis. RDOS staff is therefore working on an Option 5: New Filtration Plant.  The numbers may work or they may not.  We will see and get back to you.
So please stand-by on the survey and keep your eye on this website for breaking news.  We appreciate your patience in this important matter.


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