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Be Heard! Register for the online version of the West Bench Water Upgrade Survey

The RDOS is currently fleshing out 1+3 alternatives for the West Bench water system upgrade (the status quo is not reallly an option since it does not meet IHA's standards; it is included only to provide a baseline against which to evaluate the cost of the other alternatives).  The fourth option (not included in the July 22nd newsletter to residents) is the extraterritorial arrangement with the City of Penticton that failed to attract sufficient support in the 2010 referendum.  I have asked RDOS staff to include it for completeness.

Update 29 July, 2011: When will you receive the survey?  Please see the comment below

We will be asking West Bench residents to evaluate the alternatives by completing a short survey following the July 28th open house.  The paper survey will be sent out to all West Bench residents via unaddressed bulk mail. However, we are giving all West Bench residents (plus non-West Bench residents who may have a stake in the evolution of the West Bench system) the opportunity to complete the survey online instead of on paper.  Given the mailing and talllying costs of a paper survey, we would naturally prefer that as many people as possible use the online version.

To add you to our online survey list we need:

  1. A verified email address
  2. Indication of your "status" as a West Bench ratepayer
  3. The correct answer to an easy local knowledge trivia question.  This is to help insure you are a legitimate particpant, not a Russian teenage hacker or a robot or whatever.

To register for the survey, please click the button:

You will be asked to supply your name, a valid email address, and answer a simple math question (again, to discourage spammers).  You will then receive a link in your email to complete the registration process.
Note: Your email system may think the automatic invitation you receive is spam and may place it in a special email folder called SPAM or JUNK.  Please check these folders on your email system if you do not receive a response email within a minute or two. Alternatively, add to your "safe senders" or "contacts" list.



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