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My understanding is that the City of Penticton favors its formally-proposed sites (Campbell Mountain, Cantex, etc.).  However, keep in mind that one of the restrictions imposed by the province is that the potential prison sites be serviced with water, sewer, utilities, and so on.  This servicing requirement makes little sense to me because it forces local governments to propose sites that are desirable and already populated (we do not, as a rule, run sewer services to undesirable spots in the middle of nowhere). Unfortunately, an undesirable spot in the middle of nowhere is likely the best option for a prison in the Okanagan.

As for PIB lands, they will run up against the same issue: lack of services.  Now if the province is willing to pay to run services to the beautiful benches on PIB land between Sage Mesa and Summerland, I think they should also be willing to pay to run services to some remote area well off the main valley.  That is, if they are willing to service PIB lands, a whole bunch of new rural options are on the table--many of which have not been looked at due to the servicing requirement.

The issue here is: Who bears the cost of a provincial prison? If the prison is placed in a populated area of the Okanagan, it seems possible to me that a couple of hundred residents of that neighborhood will incur some tangible and intangible costs—I certainly do not want a prison in my back yard.  If the prison is placed in the middle of nowhere, the province (that is, the taxpayers of British Columbia) will incur the considerable infrastructure costs of servicing the remote location.  To me, it makes sense that all British Columbians pay for the costs of our prison systems, not just an unlucky few who happen to live on the outskirts of a serviced area.

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