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Response to Summerland-Faulder water deal

The following letter was published in the Summerland Review (link to letter)
Published: August 11, 2010

Dear Editor:

Having chosen to live in various rural regions of B.C., I believed it was the responsibility of homeowners to provide their own water, either hand dig a well, have it extensively drilled or personally transport their water.

While living in Meadow Valley, I had to both filter and boil the drinking water. Never once did I think that others miles away should fill our water needs.

People have made their choice to live in the country, both enjoying all the benefits of rural living and also bearing responsibility for their own upkeep.

Upon moving to Summerland, I was shocked to discover the impurity of our local drinking water.

According to providers of reverse osmosis water purification systems, Summerland residents have to change their filters far more frequently than those living in other Okanagan towns.

Headlines in the July 29 Review, Water deal signed and Agreement reached to provide for Faulder’s needs. Summerland council further comments, “This agreement is based on the principle of being a good neighbour,” and also, “Faulder residents need the agreement to provide them with a supply of clean water.”What about the Summerland citizens who, year after year, deal with restricted amounts of impure water?

To quote Francis Bacon, “Charity begins at home.”

Faulder’s 80 large rural lots and households will consume an enormous amount of our precious water. Who is going to monitor that our water will only be for household use? Will each Faulder residence be charged the annual water parcel tax of $285 that Summerland residents are required to pay for the new water treatment plant?

Once again a poor decision has been made that will produce a detrimental effect on each resident of Summerland.

Sheila Johnson


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