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Cyclocross near Selby Park on Sunday, October 11

There will be a cycling event in and around Selby Park on Sunday, October 11:

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DetailsVortex in the Vines is PACA's annual cyclocross race and race #3 in the Interior Cross cyclocross series. This year we have an all new course at Selby Park and the Prowse vineyard on Penticton's scenic West Bench. The course will feature the return of the vortex and a loop through the vineyard.

Nice to see our park and the RDOS-owned property adjacent to the West Bench water tower used for this event.  But if you are in the habit of taking a Sunday stroll in this area you should keep your head up!



Digging on West Bench Hill Road?

A number of people have asked what is wrong with the new water main running up West Bench Hill. An excavator has been digging up the road all week.  The short answer: nothing.  My understanding is that Shaw Cable is running a line under the road.  It just so happens that their infrastructure runs in the same utility corridor as the pipe to the West Bench pump house.

Automobile traffic along the KVR

I have received a number of complaints about automobile traffic on the KVR behind Sage Mesa and heading north.  It might be good fun for some people but I think it is safe to say that driving out to bush parties on the KVR is not a good idea, especially in our precarious fire situation.

Access is apparently through the road to Pine Hill golf.  map

Voting at the RDOS

I sometimes get questions about how the voting works at the RDOS.  The RDOS board has 18 members, of which 8 are rural electoral area directors and 10 represent municipal members.  To make things more confusing, each board member carries a certain number of votes based on the population he or she represents.  As the representative of Electoral Area F (population about 2,100) I carry 2 votes. The four directors representing Penticton have 4 or 5 votes each.  The director of Electoral Area D (Kaleden, OK Falls, Apex, South Skaha; population 5,700) also carries 5 votes.

A couple of important things to note, however:

What does the West Bench reservoir look like from your house?

Attention Westwood Properties residents: Please do the following if you can see the West Bench reservoir:

  1. stand on your deck
  2. take a picture of the reservoir as you see it
  3. email the picture to me at mbrydon@rdos.bc.ca.


Why? We want to know how an expansion of the reservoir might impact your view.

Here is the reservoir from my deck.  I can see it, but it does not dominate the scene.  We want to know what you see so we are asking you to show us.

Smart meters (and the joys of local politics)

In the May 21, 2015, board meeting we debated a motion submitted by Director Siddon:

And be it further resolved that in the interest of public safety, the Government of BC, through the BC Utilities Commission, be requested to order an immediate halt to mandatory installation of advanced (wireless) utility meters on all private residences within the jurisdiction of RDOS; and further, that all such meters recently installed within Electoral Area ‘D’ of the Regional District be removed immediately, at full cost to FortisBC.

The full motion, which was walked in during the meeting, can be found here:   Smart Meter Resolution May 2015.pdf

The new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive

Residents of Westwood Properties and Husula Highlands will have noticed a new cattle guard on Bartlett Drive.  A special prize for anyone who can spot the problem with this particular installation. I have provided a hint in the photo below:

To be clear: